BSc thesis

I wrote my BSc thesis about the extraction of astrophysical information from observation of gravitational-wave bursts. My advisor was Peter Raffai. You can download the thesis from the following link (in Hungarian):

Asztrofizikai információk kinyerése gravitációshullám-kitörések megfigyeléséből

Hungarian Scientific Student Conference

The project report I wrote for the Hungarian Scientific Student Conference is available on the following link (in Hungarian):

Kettős rendszerbeli pulzárok és kísérőik közötti dinamikai kölcsönhatások vizsgálata

Here is the english abstract of the project:

Dynamical interactions between pulsars and their companions in binary systems

I used numerical simulations to study the following interactions between a pulsar and its companion in a bound binary system: (1) the tidal force of the neutron star can tear apart the companion; (2) the gravitational force of the companion causes periodic changes in the arriving times of the pulsar impulses; (3) the tidal force of the companion can influence the glitch occurrence times of the pulsar. I have determined volumes within the parameter space of the binary where the pulsar's companion (I) is not torn apart by the neutron star’s tidal forces; (II) can be discovered by measuring the arrival times of the pulsar's impulses; (III) could cause detectable changes in the glitch occurrence times. I have identified how these different volumes overlap with each other in parameter space. I have found that volume (I) is almost entirely embedded to volume (II), and the section of volume (I) and (III) is enclosed by volume (II). These overlaps between volumes (I)-(III) could give an opportunity to test the toy-model describing interaction (3).